#brandchat questions for Wed, Jan 30th, 10am CT, THEME: BRANDS & VISIBILITY

#brandchat questions for Wed, Jan 30th, 10am CT, THEME: BRANDS & VISIBILITY

Special Guest: Mike Maghsoudi, Co-Founder of Post Rocket  Facebook

Q1: What is Facebook optimization & why does it matter? Facebook
Q2: Does it really help and should brands ask their fans to add them to notifications and/or interest lists? Facebook
Q3: Why is Edgerank a good thing? Facebook
Q4: Best practices in post optimization? Facebook

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How To Brandchat

How do you participate in #brandchat? #brandchat is a live streaming conversation utilizing Twitter. You must have a twitter account in order to participate. To focus in on the #brandchat conversation which occurs on Wednesdays – 8 am PST/9 am MTN/10 am CST/11 am EST we use TweetGrid. Or, click here to use a TWEETGRID that we’ve already set up for the #brandchat conversation! Or, cut and paste this link into your browser: You will need to enter your Twitter handle and password. Here’s a video that explains the use of Tweetgrid like #brandchat. And, be sure to follow @brandchat to get notices of upcoming #brandchat dates and recaps of past #brandchats! Here’s a video that explains the use of Tweetchat for Twitter chats like #brandchat:


Here’s a BRANDCHAT Glossary that may help!

BRANDido: term of endearment for those who chat on #brand chat

BRANDCHATTER: early term for people who chat on brandchat; used mostly by newbie BRANDidos or those new to the brandchat-o-sphere

BRANDCHAT-o-sphere: everything in the brandchat world and/or universe

BRANchat: That oh so healthy for you, fiber-filled cone of silence where high-speed typing BRANDidos go when they miss one letter in the hashtag

PB = Personal Brand

TRANSPENSIBLE: Transparent and indispensable

VERBAL DIARRHEA: Too much to say; can’t make it fit in 140 characters

BRANDelicious: Brand food for thought

BRANDArchy: It’s the chaos and the fun that happen when the chat moderator is not there. Often occurs on the FIFTH Wednesday of the month :)

Unmistakable Brand: always totally on-brand and predictable.

BRANDJACKING: Two fold – every time someone unofficial represents themselves as speaking for a company + To hijack a brand to deceive or divert attention; often used in abusive or fraudulent activities devised for gain at the expense of the goodwill, brand equity and customer trust of actual brand owners.

Brandjacking by a Consumer: refers to how the consumer perceives or uses your product or service. A smart company will learn rather than fight this positive reaction.

BRANDstanding: When something or someone’s brand attributes are shining through in their every action.

BRAND Violence: A negative or even violent reaction to an incident, comment or feedback on a brand.

BRANDolisious: a nugget of information so tasty YOU MUST share it with everyone you know

#brandtalk: this is our alter ego hashtag that we all switch to when the bots and the spammy monster have found us during the #brandchat hour

SoMe or SM: Social Media

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